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We provide top notch wood finishing services at an affordable price with high quality and efficiency.

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Our experience

Technology to repair, refinish or touch up Kitchen Cabinets/Refinishing, Bathroom vanities, Custom Wood Finishing, Furniture, Antiques, Trim, Wood Ceilings, Front Doors, Stair treads/railings, Gun Stocks and more! 

Our highly trained wood crews use traditional woodworking skills mixed with modern wood restoration technology to repair, refinish or touch up your lobby areas, conference rooms, elevators, doors, trim, furniture, wall panels, handrails and more. And we can do all of this on-site either as part of a monthly maintenance program or as a one-time service.

There is an art to working with wood, and because every job is different based on the type of wood used, it takes specially trained artists with a great eye to match the many colors and grains of architectural wood finishes.


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The value of details

Part of our profession is to match colors.

Each species of wood has its own unique color (hue) that reflects within the stain that is used. Therefore stains/finishes have to be adjusted based on the wood species being used.

Sometimes a project arises where a client wants to use a different species than one that is already existing. In this case we custom match the pieces ourselves until the desired effect is created.