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What is “Wood Finishing” and “Re-Finishing”?

Refers to the process of refining or protecting a wooden surface. Wood Finishing also creates a desired aesthetic affect to any Wood project with stains, paints, different sheens (levels of shine) and custom looks such as distressing or glazing.

Refinishing refers to repairing or replacing the Finish on the Wood so that it is properly protected and reflects the desired aesthetic. The elements and usage will cause wear and tear on your finish and wood. It is important to maintain the wood properly because once the finish has deteriorated the wood itself can be affected if left bare for too long.

A Carpenter will build the desired piece, cut the wood to the desired sizes and shapes and the Finisher will then do the fine sanding, staining (if needed) and finish applications to achieve the desired look with the necessary protection from the elements. Finish for Wood comes in many forms: oil, wax, varnishes, clear coatings, oil-based coatings, lacquer coatings, polyurethanes and more. This does include pigmented coatings meaning colors – white, gray, blue, etc. We do it all, and will recommend what finish you should use based on the project

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Why Re-Finish?

Often times there is nothing structurally wrong with your Wood, it is just that the Finish has worn and needs to be restored. Refinishing can save you THOUSANDS and also prevent a waste of perfectly good Wood.

We have many Before and After pictures here for you to view so you can see that when properly done, Refinishing can really result in the Wood looking brand new!

Wood Restoration Services

Wood can bring a sense of beauty and richness to a scenery that no other product can come close to. Wood is often used in elevator cabs, reception desks, conference tables, trim and doors and require the Wood is often used in elevator cabs, reception desks, conference tables, trim and doors and require the
proper maintenance and at times, restoration.

Our highly trained wood crews use traditional woodworking skills mixed with modern wood restoration technology to repair, refinish or touch up Kitchen Cabinets/Refinishing, Bathroom vanities, Custom Wood Finishing, Furniture, Antiques, Trim, Wood Ceilings, Front Doors, Stair treads/railings, Gun Stocks and more! And we can do all of this on-site either as part of a monthly maintenance program or as a one-time service.

There is an art to working with wood, and because every job is different based on the type of wood used, it takes specially trained artists with a great eye to match the many colors and grains of architectural wood finishes.
It is unfortunate how many times we have come across wood that has already been “re-finished” and it was improperly done. We take great pride in our work.