About us

About us

Imperial Wood Finishing LLC is a Professional Custom Wood Finishing Company based out of the Tampa Bay Area.

We have 20 years of experience and each of our employees go through months of on-the-job training with us to ensure that we maintain a high quality standard for the products and service we deliver.

To give you an idea, we work on Cabinets, custom furniture, built-ins, Front Doors, Wood Trim, newly built kitchens/cabinets, Live Edge furniture, frames, exterior wood, stairs/handrails and more! Honestly if it is made out of wood, we most likely can (re-)finish it.

We Are a Modern Wood Finishing Company

We offer Wood Finishing of newly built pieces, refinishing of already existing pieces as well as maintenance services.

We have a 2,000 square foot shop directly adjacent to two professional carpenters that we work side by side
with to create amazing furniture, cabinets and custom pieces for your home or office.

We pride ourselves in our profession and a job well done.  These pictures represent a simple yet drastic difference between us and some other companies that claim to “finish wood”.

In the one picture, not our work, you can easily see all of the mill marks were not sanded out and are uniformly marked on the wood. Mill Marks are the machine marks from when the wood was cut/planed/etc.  These marks SHOULD be sanded out before being stained or painted.

In the second picture, our work, you can see that there are NO marks.

It is not just a matter of aesthetics and if the marks “bother the client”. In fact, based on how consistent these marks are I would state that the wood was not sanded at all which will cause a failure in the finish, a much bigger problem to solve down the road.

There are many factors to take into consideration when finishing wood. These range from environment, cleanliness, adhesion, sheens, temperature, humidity and more. This is not to make Wood Finishing sound awful or difficult, however it is a PROFESSION and one that requires the proper training.

While I can admire the attempt of some to watch YouTube videos and quickly learn some tricks to do a project, please know that it took me 4 years of on-the-job training to learn most of what I know. And even then, I still keep up with the new finishes coming out as the manufacturers are regularly updating and changing things.

So, please trust us to service you and make your Wood beautiful and properly protected so that it will last you.

Our work

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